Adeline Chan, an Inspired Globe-Trotter!

Birth : March 02, 1968 in Hong Kong


1986: She studied ICS for 3 years in one of the University in HK.

I joined the Committee of University Student Union. There, from a silent person, I turned into a very active one, managing all the activities related to literature areas ( English speaking days, cultural workshops, Inter Colleges Debate competition,…). All through this, I managed to become a group leader, organising many activities.


1989 : First working experience in a major international Solicitor firm as a company secretary assistant.

After 9 months, I felt this was not a career I could develop a fulfilling life in. I wanted more actions, to discover the world I never had the opportunity before to visit. I decided to change radically and involve myself in sales-related jobs, that could give me the opportunities to travel !


1991 : She got married and gave birth to her daughter in 1996.

I’m very proud of my daughter. Even if I’ve travelled a lot and were very busy with my work while bringing up her on my own, she has marvelously managed her studies : she is studying now in Hong Kong University !! She is such a grow up person!


1993 : She worked those last 4 years in an insurance company, travelling the world. She succeeded in closing a lot of deals of personal life insurance, thanks to the trust she managed to build and make grow with her customers.

This experience was a turning point in my life, not only from a personal but also a professional point of view. My work was rewarded by multiple prizes in my company, proving myself building relationships and confidence with customers was what I liked and what I was good at ! And travelling in many countries broadened so much my perception of the world and the people.


1994 : Entering Swarovski, the Austrian well-known jewellery company, she discovered the world of jewellery and the expectations of Asian customers while developing the brand in this Area as an export sales.

Working on a multi-cultural environment on a daily basis and in such a successful company that was developing a unique offer in the world of jewellery was so inspiring… I had also the great chances to meet Mr Swarovski and his daughter, who shared with me their vision of the company in a very direct and simple way. They made all their employees feel, whatever their position, they are an essential link to the success of the company. I love that kind of management, so motivating ….


2000 : She joined the International Division of Christian Bernard Group , a french leading jewellery company as a Sales Manager and quickly got promoted to Managing Director.

During 14 years, for Christian Bernard Group, I didn’t stop travelling the world, discovering the way people from Europe, USA or Australia like to wear jewellery, what jewellery they like, what stones they prefer. After the knowledge of Asian ladies habits, I had my vision of the whole jewellery world….Working extensively with our designers and craftsman helped me build a strong expertise on everything I know now about creation and production of jewellery : stones, settings, how to maximize the shine and the beauty of a diamond…


2014 : She has decided to live her own professional life and create Avenda.

In creating Avenda, I wanted to make one of my dreams come true : Being my own boss and sharing with people all what I’ve discovered all along my travels, my coups de cœur, my desires, jewellery I would have love to wear, my relationships with my customers… So anyone could treasure a beautiful piece of jewellery, original and inspired, like an exploration of the world around them, to be offered to their loved ones or for self-pampering.