The world is jewellery. Brought to you in the easiest way …

In front of your computer, open widely your eye and let me guide you, travel the world. And being adorned from its most amazing beauties, designed in modern and unique jewellery…
Avenda is inspired from the word Avenue in Spanish. A cross of lives roads, people meeting, relationships being developed and nurtured, culture and history melting in the buildings and shops all around…. The brand’s philosophy is to bring my vision of world’s magic and beauties into original jewellery, inspired by a city, its people, its culture, its history, that deeply touch me and arouse my imagination.

This vision has turned into elegant and easy to wear, modern, poetic and inspired creations. Avenda jewellery focus on fine details, quality and craftsmanship to create the unique and right look. No compromise possible !

But what makes also Avenda so unique, is proposing my jewellery through the most modern and comfortable way to shop : internet.

Avenda is the first Jewellery brand in Hong Kong having decided to base their development only through internet. Thus having no shop rental or stock costs to support can ensure you the best price for each of my creation.

On our e-boutique, each product is produced once ordered, sur-measure, with the best craftsmanship. As I believe purchasing a jewellery should only be a pleasure, with Avenda you’ve got all the advantages of purchasing online but also all the guaranties of this modern way of shopping : easy and secure payment, free delivery and free returns.

Would you have any questions or doubt, please do contact us through our customer service e-mail,