I believe my favorite journey was to Seville, in Spain. That was there a thrilling experience…

I’ve loved wandering in the middle of incredibly joyful and lively streets, reflections of a rich mix of spanish and arab architecture and culture.

One night, I attended a show of Flamenco, the traditional and popular dance from this part of Spain. This love dance, with dancers dancing very closed, with sensual and very quick moves under the beat of guitars and sad songs, moved me deeply. It was so passionate and intense. Seeing the dancing lady from a balcony, with her elegant red and frilled dress of the lady enrolling all over her, it was like, under my eyes, a pulsating flower appeared. And the jewellery she was wearing was real pieces of art, from a delicate craftsmanship and also inspired by nature. So feminine and elegant.

That vision has deeply touched me as it is a very intense reflection of love where all your senses are stimulated. This is why I wanted to name my first collection for Avenda after this city. And that « Flamenco Flower » was definitively the starting point of my creating this jewellery collection inspired by the beauties of Sevilla and these passionate love feelings everywhere ….